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LANET / SHAW ARCHITECTS INC is a multidisciplinary practice specializing in commercial and residential architecture.  The bulk of our work is divided into four areas:

  • Office Interior : Tenant Improvement Planning, Religious Facilities, Schools
  • Residential : New and Remodeled Single Family Homes
  • Commercial : Suburban Shopping Centers and Office Buildings
  • Industrial : Multi-Tenant , Single User Warehouse Facilities and Master Planning

Our practice is founded on the principle of service. Our entire effort is focused on attaining the project’s stated goals and fulfilling the client’s needs. We achieve this by rigorously defining the program objectives at the outset of our work and constantly measuring the progress of each phase by these objectives.   Regularly checking the road map insures that we arrive at our destination in a timely and efficient manner. Our final product experiences a rigorous process of examination and review, confirming the attainment of project objectives. We consider each phase of this process to be critical in the achievement of a well designed building and an efficiently organized set of architectural drawings.

The success of our practice is the result of our commitment to total quality: from initial design concept, to construction documentation preparation, to construction administration.  Ultimately, the final success of a project rests on our ability to organize a wide range of people in the pursuit of a common goal.  As our references will attest, we are successful in our efforts to bring these individuals together in the harmonious completion of our client’s buildings. Lanet / Shaw Architects inc remains committed to quality through dedicated services to our clients.


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